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4 May 2018

Neisseria gonorrhoeae molecular typing for understanding sexual...

Katy Town (MSc)a,b, Hikaru Bolt (MSc)c, Sara Croxford (MSc)c, Michelle Cole (DBMS)d, Simon Harris (PhD)e, Nigel Field (MBPhD)b and Gwenda Hughes (PhD)a,c

30 Apr 2018

Deriving a clinical prediction rule to target sexual healthcare to...

Edelman N, Cassell JA, Mercer CH, Bremner SA, Jones CI, de Visser RO.

13 Apr 2018

Horizontal antimicrobial resistance transfer drives epidemics of...

Baker KS, Dallman TJ, Field N, Childs T, Mitchell H, Day M, Weill FX, Lefèvre S, Tourdjman M, Hughes G, Jenkins C, Thomson N.

10 Apr 2018

Evidence-making controversies: The case of hepatitis C treatment...

Rhodes T, Lancaster K, Harris M, Treloar C.

15 Mar 2018

Establishing the cascade of care for hepatitis C in England–...

Simmons R, Ireland G, Irving W, Hickman M, Sabin C, Ijaz S, Ramsay M, Lattimore S, Mandal S.

5 Mar 2018

Methods and quality of disease models incorporating more than two...

Sailer F, Rait G, Howe A, Saunders J, Hunter R.

1 Dec 2017

A qualitative study exploring the social and environmental context of...

Gourlay A, Fox J, Gafos M, Fidler S, Nwokolo N, Clarke A, Gilson R, Orkin C, Collins S, Porter K, Hart G.

1 Oct 2017

Ethnic variations in sexual behaviours and sexual health markers:...

Dr Sonali Wayal, Dr Gwenda Hughes, Dr Pam Sonnenberg, Dr Hamish Mohammed, Dr Andrew J Copas, Dr Makeda Gerressu, Dr Clare Tanton, Martina Furegato, Dr Catherine H Mercer

25 Aug 2017

The prospect of untreatable gonorrhoea.

Johnson AP, Hughes G.