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8 Oct 2019

How to increase chlamydia testing in primary care: A qualitative...

McDonagh LK, Harwood H, Saunders JM, Cassell J, Rait G.

1 Oct 2019

Mapping the hepatitis C cascade of care in people attending drug...

Ireland G, Simmons R, Hickman M, Eastwood B, Ramsay M, Mandal S.

18 Sep 2019

Pathways to, and use of, sexual healthcare among Black Caribbean...

Aicken C, Wayal S, Blomquist PB, Fabiane SM, Gerressu M, Hughes G, Mercer CH.

13 Sep 2019

Gonorrhoea: tackling the global epidemic in the era of rising...

Ong JA, Wi T, Hughes G, Williamson DA, Mayaud P, Chow EPF.

11 Sep 2019

Epidemiology of gonorrhoea: a global perspective.

Kirkcaldy RD, Weston E, Segurado AC, Hughes G.

10 Sep 2019

Data linkage to monitor hepatitis C-associated end-stage liver...

Ireland G, Simmons R, Hickman M, Harris R, Ramsay M, Sabin C, Mandal S.

6 Sep 2019

Acceptability and potential impact of delivering sexual health...

Kesten JM, Dias K, Burns F, Crook P, Howarth A, Mercer CH, Rodger A, Simms I, Oliver I, Hickman H, Hughes G, Weatherburn P.

3 Sep 2019

Agent-based modelling study of antimicrobial-resistant Neisseria...

Zienkiewicz AK, Verschueren van Rees N, Homer M, Ong JJ, Christensen H, Hill D, Looker KJ, Horner P, Hughes G, Turner KME.

19 Aug 2019

The cost-effectiveness of one-time birth cohort hepatitis C screening...

Jack Williams, Alec Miners, Ross Harris, Sema Mandal, Ruth Simmons, Georgina Ireland, Matthew Hickman, Charles Gore, Peter Vickerman.

17 Aug 2019

Ethnic variations in sexual partnerships and mixing, and their...

Aicken CRH, Wayal S, Blomquist P, Fabiane S, Gerressu M, Hughes G, Mercer CH.