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13 Mar 2017

Association between engagement in-care and mortality in HIV-positive...

Sabin CA, Howarth A, Jose S, Hill T, Apea V, Morris S, Burns F; UK CHIC Study Group and the REACH Study Group.

31 Jan 2017

Facilitators and barriers to chlamydia testing in general practice...

McDonagh LK, Saunders JM, Cassell J, Bastaki H, Hartney T, Rait G.

1 Jan 2017

Enhanced surveillance of HIV-1 drug resistance in recently infected...

Cunningham E, Chan YT, Aghaizu A, Bibby DF, Murphy G, Tosswill J, Harris RJ, Myers R, Field N, Delpech V, Cane PA, Gill ON, Mbisa JL.

11 Aug 2016

Examining the role of socioeconomic deprivation in ethnic differences...

Furegato M, Chen Y, Mohammed H, Mercer CH, Savage EJ, Hughes G.

1 May 2016

Can hepatitis C virus (HCV) Direct-Acting Antiviral treatment as...

Martin NK, Thornton A, Hickman M, Sabin C, Nelson M, Cooke GS, Martin TCS, Delpech V, Ruf M, Price H, Azad Y, Thomson EC, Vickerman P.