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Professor Greta Rait


Theme B Lead, PhD Academy Lead, Clinical Professor of Primary Care and Health Services Research

Theme B: Reducing the burden of undiagnosed STIs and BBVs

University College London

Professor Rait’s expertise is in both complex intervention trials in the challenging setting of primary and community care, and in primary care epidemiology, particularly with complex primary care datasets. In addition she is Deputy Director of PRIMENT Clinical Trials Unit, as well as being a practising GP.

She has been involved in work with STIs and HIV using primary care databases as well as trials, including a STI partner notification trial (NIHR HTA) with colleagues at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. She is co-lead for Theme B at the HPRU. She leads the Infections Group at PCPH.

As Academy Lead (HPRU) she is responsible for establishing and developing a cadre of future researchers in infections (6 PhD studentships).