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Laurette Bukasa


PhD Student (Affiliate)

Theme C: Improving the care and management of people with STIs and BBVs

University College London

Laurette is a self-funded part-time PhD student at UCL GOS ICH and is supervised by Professor Claire Thorne, Dr Pia Hardelid and Professor Mario Cortina-Borja in the Population, Policy and Practice Research and Teaching Department.

Laurette studied chemistry before completing a masters in epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and joining UCL GOS ICH to work with the Integrated Screening Outcomes Surveillance Service collecting data on pregnancies affected by HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B.

The aim of her PhD research is to explore the health and survival outcomes of children HIV-exposed and uninfected by evaluating factors related to maternal HIV-infection and treatment, using a UK based surveillance study (Integrated Screening Outcomes Surveillance Service). She will investigate pregnancy, birth, cancer and mortality outcomes of children HIV-exposed and uninfected over time, with a view of improving knowledge to optimise outcomes for women and their infants.