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Dr Kate El Bouzidi


PhD Student (Affiliate)

Theme C: Improving the care and management of people with STIs and BBVs

University College London

Kate is a Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD student at UCL and is jointly supervised by Professor Caroline Sabin at the Research Department of Infection & Population Health and Dr Ravi Gupta at the Research Department of Infection.

Kate trained in infectious diseases, microbiology and virology and developed research interests including HIV-1 subtype diversity, pathogen genomics and global health.

The aim of her PhD research is to integrate clinical epidemiology and basic science to describe the clinical and viral factors associated with response to HIV therapy in UK and West African settings.  She will investigate retention in care and HIV-1 phenotypic-genotypic correlates with collaborators from the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria, Public Health England and the Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research.