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Dr Caisey Pulford


Senior Surveillance and Prevention Scientist

Theme A: Understanding risk and risk reduction for STIs and BBVs

Public Health England

Caisey Pulford is a Senior Surveillance and Prevention Scientist at in the Blood Safety, Hepatitis, STI and HIV division at Public Health England’s National Infection Service.

She joined the team in October 2020, following completion of her PhD at the University of Liverpool, where she led several pieces of research published in international peer-reviewed journals including a first author article in Nature Microbiology. Her work has received numerous awards including the John Lennon Memorial Scholarship for global health research and the NOVA prize for significant early contributions in the field of biological sciences.

Caisey has an extensive skillset in genomics and epidemiology and is particularly interested in how we can harness these approaches to improve public health in practice. She is currently enjoying her research on a range of Theme A HPRU projects in addition to working on new initiatives for program delivery and service improvement for Hepatitis C.