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Theme C: Project 3: Molecular Characterisation Investigations

Data from enhanced molecular characterisation studies on newly acquired and persistent HIV, HBV, and HCV infections have demonstrated the viral diversity and resistance mutations circulating in infected populations which impact on patient management and control policies.

Phylogenetic analyses have informed on routes of acquisition, links to risk factors, and have identified possible targets for public health interventions.

Through our proposed framework, sample from specific infected populations will be identified for laboratory analysis to inform on:

  1. the presence of viral motifs associated with treatment failure and prior drug exposure;
  2. the role of HBV genotype and evolution of known clinically significant mutations in disease progression;
  3. the generation of molecular characteristics of viruses in co-infected individuals and their association with clinical outcome;
  4. the identification of spatial/temporal clusters and the emergence of viral variants that may require further public health intervention.

Lead researchers

Dr Tamyo Mbisa

Deputy Head of the Antiviral Unit

Public Health England