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Theme C: Project 1: Mapping the CoC for BBV through data linkage

As part of the project, the Sentinel Surveillance of BBV Virus Testing Database (Denom), of all individuals undergoing testing for hepatitis A, B, C, D and E, HIV and HTLV, held at Public Health England, will be linked to a variety of established health databases.

These linkages will inform the care and management, referred to as the cascade of care (CoC), from diagnosis to treatment, gaining information about risk, care and health outcomes for people with STIs and BBVs, with an aim to improve patient care and disease management.

Data obtained from linked databases and from other sources, can be used to predict the future health burdens associated with the existing CoC for HIV, HBV and HCV in selected sub-populations, and will determine any gains in morbidity/mortality that could be achieved if different aspects of the CoC were improved.

Furthermore, linkage will also take place between established HIV databases to build further on work already in circulated to estimate the HIV Cascade of Care by focusing on specific sub-populations of interest who have been identified as potentially difficult to engage in care. Specific sub-populations to be investigated include older age groups, black and ethnic minority groups, seroconverters, people who inject drugs, adolescents and women. This work will utilise existing linkages between HIV surveillance data and clinical HIV databases, to develop the methods used to define the stages of the Care Cascade.

Project news and updates

  • Agreed datasets for matching
  • ONS - Mortality
  • HIV and AIDS Reporting System
  • National Cancer Registration Service Data

Lead researchers

Dr Ruth Simmons


Public Health England