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Theme C: Overview - Improving the care and management of people with STIs and BBVs

The overarching strategy of this theme is to identify, understand and manage factors influencing uptake of healthcare interventions, continuity-in-care and outcomes in persons with STIs/BBVs.

The strategy will address UK Government ambitions for the control of STIs/BBVs, including elimination of HCV by 2030, which are threatened by under-diagnosis, poor linkage-into-care, lack of effective treatment and continued high-risk behaviours. Effective treatment requires better understanding of viral genetic factors influencing treatment response, especially for those with rare virus strains which disproportionately affect ethnic minority populations. Individuals with BBVs/STIs often experience co-morbidities that affect their health and wellbeing. We aim to understand how these affect care management and treatment outcomes before and after cure/control. 

Lead researchers

Professor William Rosenberg

Theme C Lead, NIHR Senior Investigator, Professor of Hepatology

University College London

Dr Tamyo Mbisa

Deputy Head of the Antiviral Unit

Public Health England