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Natalie Edelman


PhD Student (Affiliate)

Theme A: Understanding risk and risk reduction for STIs and BBVs


Update: Natalie graduated with a PhD in applied social epidemiology from Brighton & Sussex Medical School in 2019 and is now a senior research fellow in School of Health Sciences at University of Brighton. 

Natalie Edelman BSc (Hons) MA is a PhD student based at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.  Natalie has worked in sexual health research since 2000, most recently as Chief Investigator on an NIHR funded study to address the sexual health needs of women with problematic drug use. Natalie's PhD is funded as a NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship . Her research focuses on the derivation of a clinical prediction rule, based on psychosocial and socio-demographic items, to be used to target STI testing, Contraception Advice and Supply and safer sex advice to women of reproductive age within primary care settings.