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Hibo Asad


PhD Student

Theme C: Improving the care and management of people with STIs and BBVs

University College London

Hibo is a PhD student at University College London and is based at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit.

Her research interests include paediatric and adolescent HIV, perinatal health, transitional care in HIV and cardiovascular effects of perinatally transmitted HIV and long-term ART exposure.

The aim of Hibo’s PhD research is to describe the impact of transition from paediatric to adult care on longer-term clinical outcomes, in particular mortality and care disengagement in the PHIV+ population. She will be using and developing existing cohort studies within the HPRU such as CHIPS, UK CHIC, and PHE HARS.

This project will form part of a wider NIHR-funded mixed methods study looking at how the health of PHIV population changes during and after the process of transition to adult care.