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Theme A: Related Research Project - London-wide HIV Prevention Programme (LHPP)

The HIV epidemic in the UK is concentrated in London and in two at risk communities, men who have sex with men (MSM) and black African heterosexual men and women.

UCL is working with Public Health England to evaluate the London-wide HIV Prevention Programme (LHPP). The LHPP is an evidence-based behavioural intervention that aims is to reduce new HIV infections (incidence) and late diagnosis of HIV infection (and thus reduce the prevalence of those with undiagnosed HIV). It has three key elements:

· Media and communications on HIV for all Londoners, with specific campaigns for MSM and black African communities, focusing on HIV testing and condom use, with the brand, “Do it London”

· Condom procurement and distribution (for MSM only)

· Targeted digital and risk-focused outreach (for MSM only)

Aim & objectives of evaluation

The overall aim of the evaluation is to establish the extent to which the LHPP meets its aims and objectives and through what methods. We are assessing the evaluation objectives using mixed methods:

(i) Two large scale cross-sectional community surveys among MSM and black Africans. Respondents are asked to complete a short anonymous questionnaire and provide an oral swab, which will be anonymously tested for HIV.

To find out more about the black African survey, visit the Mayisha 2016 web-site or email:

To find out more about the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Survey 2016 email:

(ii) Analysis of surveillance data including GUMCAD (routinely collected data from English GUM clinics) and data from HIV clinics.

(iii) Focus group discussions with MSM and black Africans.

(iv) Process analysis including examination of process records of those delivering the intervention and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders.

Funder: LHPP and NIHR SPHR

Project duration: November 2015 – March 2017

The project is led by Dr Fiona Burns and Dr Alison Rodger.

For more information, please contact the project manager: Dr Alison Howarth

Lead researchers

Prof Alison Rodger

Professor of Infectious Diseases

University College London