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Theme C: Overview - Improving the care and management of people with STIs and BBVs

Aim - The overarching aim of this research theme is to identify, understand and manage factors that influence the uptake of healthcare interventions, continuity in care and outcomes in persons with HBV, HCV and HIV.

The populations of people living with HIV, HBV and HCV are diverse and are affected by changing circumstances in relation to treatment innovations, social and structural factors (including immigration) and risk practices. 

Providing care to this patient group can be complicated by difficulties of engagement and retention in care. Improvements in care and management, through the timely use of effective therapy, can lead to individual health benefits as well as community level ones, by reducing the number of people with a detectable viral load and, in turn, onward transmission. 

A deeper understanding of the care and management for people with STIs and BBVs from diagnosis to treatment - referred to as the cascade of care (CoC) - is needed. The Health Protection Research Unit will generate, for the first time, detailed information about risk, care and health outcomes for this group of people, through the following projects.

Lead researchers

Professor Tim Rhodes

Director of Centre for Research on Drugs and Health Behaviour

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Dr Samreen Ijaz

Clinical Scientist

Public Health England